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Frenchic Furniture Wax is an all natural, non-petroleum based wax, with little odour. It is simply fantastic for transforming your wooden pieces, adding a finish to your painted project or reviving leather!.  With its soft butter like texture, it is quick and easy to apply.  It has also gone through rigorous testing to be certified child safe (EN 71:3).  Available in 400ml tins.


FrenSheen is a natural mineral powder available in 5 different colours.  It will add ‘pizzazz’ to your painted project.  It is best applied by mixing the desired amount to our Finishing Coat.  The more added the bolder the colour.  FrenSheen is extremely easy and fun to use and produces startling results.


We have a full range of brushes for all your painting and waxing needs.  All our brushed are made in Italy.  Our Natural Bristle brushes are made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio. This allows them to absorb plenty of paint yet maintaining a perfect shape, use after use after use.  We have two sizes of our synthetic brushes as well as a range of brushes for applying wax.  New to our line is the Detailing set – perfect for painting in hard to reach places or completing a finish. 

Sugar Soap

We highly recommend your clean your project with our Frenchic Sugar Soap.  This unique soap is specially formulated to clean and prepare all surfaces prior to painting.  Change the dilution and use it to clean around the house too!  

Finishing Coat

‘The Magic Potion!’  This multi purpose product will become a staple for your Craft Room.  It is ideal for protecting your furniture after  painting to add a finish or to add protection for areas needing extra durability or waterproofing.  Add Frensheen to it to make a metallic paint or use it for your decoupage projects.  Finally, do you want to seal your project prior to painting to stop bleed or cover knots – this is your product!

Easy Crackle

Frenchic Easy Crackle is SO easy to apply!  It is applied between two contrasting colours to give your furniture an aged appearance.