Become a Retailer (Stockist)

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Frenchic Furniture Paint retailer (stockist) in Canada.  Frenchic was started in the UK just over 7 years ago and the growth has been phenomenal with over 600 retailers now in 27 countries worldwide. The Frenchic phenomenon has really made an impression and has taken the paint world by storm, loved by interior creatives and environmentally conscious DIY enthusiasts alike. It truly checks ALL the boxes!  You too can be part of our supportive worldwide and Canada Frenchic family where our paint becomes much more than just an ‘add-on’ to your business ~ it becomes an integral part of a profitable income, increasing customer traffic and putting your business on the map. Whether your business is brand new or more established, it will benefit from our powerful Frenchic media exposure and constant Brand promotion. Plus, we’re all about innovation, our products are in demand and we want you to be successful!

We would love to speak in more detail as to why partnering with Frenchic would be a fantastic business decision!

We ask you to please fill out our application form so we have your contact details and can register your interest in your particular area.  While there is no obligation, this application helps us ensure we have your contact details and can follow up appropriately.

‘Paint Your Story’

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Frenchic Canada, a division of Cottage Revisited Inc.