About Frenchic

Paint Your Story

Frenchic Paint is a fabulous chalk and mineral paint formulated for ALL your painting needs including walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets and MORE!  It is highly durable, scrubbable, environmentally friendly and non toxic and is now available in over 200 colours across all ranges.  Frenchic started in the UK just over 7 years ago and is now sold world wide.  #BrandInDemand #HasToBeFrenchic

Our line includes paint in several ranges for all your painting needs:

  • Original Artisan 
  • Al Fresco Indoor/Outdoor (Waterproof)
  • Lazy Range
  • Wall Paint
  • Trim Paint 

Frenchic Canada, a division of Cottage Revisited Inc., is the exclusive distributor of Frenchic Paint in Canada.  

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Why Frenchic?

Quite simply this paint is perfect – it’s a dream to work with (little to no brush marks), is quick drying (smooth, matte finish) and it is durable!  Add to that the wide range of beautiful colours and you will soon be looking for more things to paint!


No Added VOC's



No Solvents

But Still Durable


Certified EN:71-3

Safe for Toys and Nursery Furniture


No Toxins

Safe for Families


No Odour

Paint Inside